One Year Ago Today…

…I bought my wedding dress.

Yes.  One year ago, I got out my wallet and put money down on a dress.  There was only one problem…

…I didn’t have a fiancé.

If you guys read my blog, you know that Lee and I got engaged this past March and are getting married next June.  This is the story of why I got a dress before I even knew I was going to get married.


My childhood friend, Amy, works at Sister II, the bridal salon where I got my dress, which also happens to be right across the street from our Jazzercise center.  I told Amy that I would stop in and see her one night after I was done teaching if I saw her car there.  Well, November 16, 2011, I left Jazzercise and saw her car parked in the lot.  There was only one other car there so I figured they weren’t busy and ran across the street to stop in and say hi.  Amy was with a bride and her mother and told me that she was just wrapping up and I could just stroll around and look at the dresses while I waited.

Look at wedding dresses?  Sure.  Twist my arm.

I started at one corner of the store and slowly went through each dress, trying to get a good idea of what it looked like through the plastic bags they were in.  Amy walked by and told me that they had just put some great ones on the sale rack and pointed to where it was.  Sale rack?  Again…twist my arm.  I walked over and as I approached the rack, it caught my eye.  A dress that was different, that looked a little wacky, and that was the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen.

Amy walked by again and I held it up and said, “Do you think this is ugly?”
She smiled and said it was one of her and the owner’s favorites and that no one ever tried it on and now it was discontinued so they had to send it out.  She told me to try it on.  I told her that was a completely ridiculous idea since i wasn’t even engaged.  She took the dress out of my hand and put it in a room…and told me to go put it on.

I gave in and put it on.  The rest is history…

I fell in love.  They say you have a moment with the right dress and I can say that I definitely had that moment!

(If you know and follow me, you know I was married before and did the whole wedding thing a few years ago…and I can say that I did NOT have a dress moment with my first dress)

I came out and stood in front of the mirror and Amy had the same moment I had.  Looking back, it was such a special minute…we have been friends since we were nine years old…and there I was…just me, my absolute best friend…and my dress.  We knew it was it.  The owner walked over and said I could make a down payment and the dress would be mine and I could keep it there until I was ready to use it.  You know…when I was actually getting married?

I called my mom and told her I was doing something crazy and had her come and see the dress the next night.  She also fell in love and was 100% on board!  I wrote that check and can say it was one of my best decisions!  I cannot wait to actually wear it!

P.S. This post became much more lengthy that I planned but just to clarify….Lee knew I bought the dress and knew there was no crazy expectation of an engagement.  We knew we would most likely get engaged at some point and he knows how I am when I find something I like!  Thankfully, four months later, he did pop the question!

If you are engaged or married, did you have a ‘moment’ when you found your dress?

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