How To Run a Restaurant Successfully

Restaurants are said to be among the first hit in times of economic recession. Astrid & Gaston experts tell you some ways that will help you not diet your business.

It is now four and a half years since the restaurant Astrid and Gaston arrived in the country, specializing in Peruvian gastronomy. According to her spokes, Laura Prieto, the establishment has not been affected by the economic crisis. Its financial stability has been achieved thanks to the well-being of the management of restaurants.

Astrid & Gaston is located in the G area of the Capital, and receives mostly executives from the sector between the ages of 35 and 50. For five months, the restaurant has opened its own bar within the property, in order to attract and preserve its clientele. At the end of this year it will open a new affiliated restaurant, operating under the brand Cevicheria de Mar.

How to run a restaurant successfully?

1. Never lower the quality to have a higher margin because the customer detects it. Similarly, you should not reduce portions on dishes or reduce staff. “It is recommended to design dishes or create new alternatives with the same quality, but that are within a lower economic range,” says Laura Prieto, the restaurant’s spokesbox.

2. It is key to negotiate with suppliers a better price when buying in larger quantities. “We make partnerships with suppliers, where they give us better prices, as we increase their consumption through tasting menus,” says the speaker.

3. It is important to pay suppliers and staff in a timely manner, this provides confidence, security and stability.

4. You should always have fresh food, it is preferable to place several orders to guarantee its quality and not use the option to freeze it. At this point, the communication between the kitchen and the dining room is essential.

5. The opening in December 2008 of the bar inside the restaurant has become an alternative because it increases revenue, thanks to sales of spirits and bites. Likewise the opening of this place has generated an increase in consumption in days that were not sold before. “The bar has made my Saturdays better, I’m interested in customers coming on business days, like weekends,” says Astrid & Gaston spokesman.

6. Internally it is necessary to identify outputs and losses of process costs. For example, a lot is wasted on the company’s toiletries and stationery. “We saved on the purchase of cup holders because people used them to write down reasons. On the other hand we have reduced laundry expenses, these are unnecessary expenses”, completes Laura Prieto.

7. Consumer bonuses are useful for customers to have the opportunity to give away dinners in the restaurant. The idea is to encourage the use of these bonuses to attract new customers, the value varies depending on the buyer who decides the amount of the dinner.

8. The restaurant has a service called “Astrid & Gaston in your home”. It is a system in which the restaurant is responsible for organizing different culinary events for business meetings, marriages or home parties. The idea is to generate an income outside the restaurant.

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