Do You Know This Idea to Increase Your Restaurant Sales?

This technique I want to teach you today is according to the National Restaurant Association’s What’s Hot Chef’s Survey, the sixth most popular trend of restaurant concepts.

It is a technique that works spectacularly because it generates great curiosity and expectation among your regular and potential customers.

This powerful gastronomic marketing strategy is part of the gastronomic culture of all countries so wherever you are is going to work.

It’s an idea to attract customers to your restaurant that motivates chefs as they feel creative freedom.

As the owner or manager of your restaurant you will benefit from the increase in sales and the opportunity to try something new and learn.

The idea to increase your sales and attract more customers to your restaurant is to create a Pop Up format.

So what is Pop-up Restaurant?

As the name suggests, Pop Up’s restaurants often occur in unexpected places and always for a limited time.

Many chefs open an emerging restaurant as a way to showcase their talents to a wider audience, perhaps attracting investors to a restaurant in the future.

Even some ephemeral restaurant owners or pop up seek to offer high-quality food at more affordable prices, allowing more people to access gourmet meals.

Due to the limited menu options of most emerging restaurants, foodies and sybarites are the target audience. These are people who enjoy trying new foods, sometimes unusual or unique on the market as in the examples below.

Many of these restaurants being in hidden or itinerant places are advertised word of mouth, by social networks or just by invitation, being part of the gastronomic experience that you want to give to people who appreciate gastronomic specialties.

5 examples of Pop Up gastronomic concepts so you can increase your sales.

1. Pop Up Itinerant Gourmet Pastry.

PUFF is a pop-up pastry format where 2 pastry chefs come every Sunday to the casual restaurant PASSO to present their elaborations to the delight of all the customers who attend on Saturday and Sunday.

On their Instagram they constantly post what they will offer every weekend and teach the rows that are made to enter the restaurant.

2. Pop Up with cause against food waste.

A special collaborative dinner designed to demonstrate how we can minimize food waste in the kitchen. Together, GBR’s head chef Nigel Mendham and John Parry of The Mash Inn have created a six-course menu with local ingredients, with careful consideration for no waste, from breadcrumbs to scallop roe and celery leaves.

Its price is 95 pounds including wine pairing.

3. Flowery Pop Up.

Surely one of the most beautiful seasons, the cherry blossoms or Sakura celebrations will soon take place in Japan, flourishing in the last week of March and the first two weeks of April in Kyoto (approximately between March 20 and April 14).

In this restaurant they say that if you can’t get to Japan to see the flowers then come to this amazing ephemeral restaurant or pop up which we just can’t have enough of.

This restaurant is ROKA Charlotte Street, which has once again transformed its underground bar, Shochu, into a spectacular hideaway full of cherry blossoms. The delivery encourages guests to participate in the Japanese tradition of Hanami, also known as enjoying the transient beauty of flowers.

This concept not only takes you somewhere else but is 100% thinking about Instagram something that you also have to consider when creating strategies to attract more customers to your restaurant even more if your client is under 45.

4. Cooking pop up.

Cirque du Soleil Cocktails at The Ivy Kensington Brasserie

With this innovative proposal, we are invited to embark on a journey through Mexico reinvented in The Ivy Kensington Brasserie, which has just launched a limited edition cocktail menu to match Cirque du Soleil’s new LUZIA presentation.

The highly anticipated show premieres this spring at the Royal Albert Hall, with a surreal series of acrobatic performances and dazzling visual surprises.

In homage to LUZIA, the ivy Kensington Brasserie bar team has created three show-inspired cocktails for guests, including Pabolero, with Altos Reposado Tequila, Limoncello, honey, lemon juice and ginger juice.

5. Pop Up with glamour.

Award-winning chef and food writer Gizzi Erskine is launching a Paris-inspired pop up at Cuba’s former Asia site on St Martins Lane.

From February to April, The Nitery will offer a fun and modern version of French, American and British dishes. It is inspired by the Parisian “restaurants” of the early twentieth century: bohemian restaurants that emerged throughout the city, frequented by the great artists and poets of the time.

This pop up will reflect this bon vivant spirit, offering new versions of nostalgic dishes with experimental ingredients. Small plates, for example, include devil’s eggs with roast chicken chicharrón; and bone marrow dripping on marmite toast, followed by main dishes such as dauphinoise of flagoelet, goat chops and bisque. On Sunday, diners can enjoy an indulgent roast here: there will be a roast season that will serve beef, lamb or pork with all the ornaments, as well as a vegetarian wellington.

Use food marketing to attract customers to your Pop Up.

A successful emerging restaurant requires a tactical promotion strategy.

When designing the strategic framework, it’s important to first define your goals. For such an event that takes place for the first time, you may want to build your brand and establish your presence. Chefs who have been in the business for a while may want to try a new concept or showcase their skills.

  • Once you have a goal, define your audience: who you want to appear in your pop up.
  • And what kinds of messages you’re going to give: what you want them to know.
  • Finally choose the ways you want to deliver those messages to your customers. Your tactics may include: Establish a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Print and post flyers around the neighborhood. Get involved in email marketing to alert online customers to reach journalists and bloggers for press coverage.

How can the pop-up restaurant help you increase your restaurant’s sales?

Pop-up helps you because it gives you the seal of approval for your ideal audience.

When you know with complete certainty that that new dish or that new format or that new combination, decoration, design, uniform, etc… has triumphed in your audience, you know it’s a good investment.

And so you know it has the potential to increase your restaurant’s sales.

If people queue up, in your pop-up and share their positive reviews on the networks, you know that your new concept has the potential to increase your restaurant’s sales.

That is, with the “pop-up” you minimize the risk factor.

And with pop-up you create advertising for your place.

People talk about you.

It goes through your website and your social networks.

Think about you when I have to book a company dinner.

Subscribe to your list.

That is, a well-planned and well-promoted pop-up on social networks not only gives you the guarantee that your idea will succeed, but promotes you as a food innovator and introduces you to your local community.

Those who have never heard of you before will now know who you are and associate you with a positive culinary experience.

Curious about the “pop-up” concept?

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