5 Terrible Mistakes You’re Making in Managing Your Restaurant

There are so many different things that can go wrong in a restaurant.

Maybe you’ll run out of a couple of your star dishes one night, and your customers will complain to your staff and you also get several negative comments on your social networks, something that radically hurts your business.

Sometimes, however, the mistakes you can make as the owner or manager of your restaurant are so small that you don’t see them even if they’re happening right in front of your eyes.

The difficulties come when it is no longer just the lack of a product and as a consequence having a handful of angry customers, but now it becomes a bigger complication.

In order not to grow problems in your business, I want us to go over some of the worst mistakes that restaurant owners make together so that you can avoid them and/or correct them if you make any of them.

5 terrible mistakes you are making in managing your restaurant.

1. Restaurant management error: Not knowing how to transmit the business mission to your team.

The restaurant business can be extremely exhausting for you, but don’t let this stop you from maintaining your business vision and, most importantly, making sure your staff is committed to you and working to achieve it at all times.

The fact is, while you own or manage the restaurant and you’re the one who runs it, you’re not the one who:

  • Serve the food
  • Serve customers
  • You wash the crockery
  • Assemble dishes in the kitchen
  • Remove the crockery from the tables
  • Offers the most profitable products on the menu
  • Sell drinks and desserts
    Make cocktails
  • Greet and fire customers
  • Clean up facilities
  • Etc.

This is the work of the whole team that works in the restaurant and it is this group of people (all of them) who should know what your values are as a company, the mission of your business and what are the short, medium and long term objectives.

Look at the example below so you can see it as clear as you see the water.

It’s not the same to say to your team before dinner tonight:

“Sell desserts that no one offers them and see that I always tell you, but you don’t listen to me.”

To comment before the service to all the living room and kitchen equipment:


I am happy, because today we will have a great night, we have the whole restaurant booked, this means that we are doing a great job every day, thank you all very much.

For tonight I ask you to pay special attention to offering our homemade desserts, which as you know are delicious.

Because if we manage to sell 100 desserts tonight, we’ll get 100 customers to try them and fall in love with them.

With this we will get new customers who will be delighted to try more dishes from our menu again and we will continue with the good work that we are doing so far.

I ask you for an extra effort to achieve this and I ask you to recommend desserts at every table tonight.

From now on thank you very much to cook for preparing these rich desserts as well as the room team for offering them to our customers.

Stop asking for what and start explaining why things and you’ll see how your team will respond to you in a much more enthusiastic way.

2. Mistaken restaurant management: Do not train staff properly.

There’s never enough time in the day to train the staff perfectly.

Training your team is not saying what to do once or teaching them some customer service strategy in a session.

Nor is it sitting them in front of a pc to watch a video that has no continuity or will help them improve their long-term work.

How can you train your team by taking advantage of the little time you have?

To squeeze every minute the training has to be constant, it must be done day by day during the work itself.

Ways to train your team day by day:

➡ Before each service, tell your staff what dishes to sell and why.

➡ Ask the chef to explain one dish a day in detail, how it is prepared, what its ingredients are, and try it all staff to become better sellers by getting to know more about what they offer to your customers.

➡ You, as a restaurant owner or manager, must be trained in restaurant marketing strategies, sales techniques, customer service, and restaurant management as a minimum to be able to monitor and demand your team.

Because if you as a business manager don’t know how to sell or aren’t clear about your business goals how you’re going to be able to ask your team?

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➡ If you have the necessary knowledge, at least once a week dedicate time to your team and teach them a technique to achieve the goals you have set yourself for this year.

➡ As restaurant manager you have to train your team every day, to do this correct the mistakes they make by not complying with the processes or methodologies of work that you have created for your restaurant.

When you see that your staff offers your most profitable dishes, knows how to better serve your customers and strives to please them, guess what, your restaurant will flourish.

3. Restaurant management error: You do too many things.

While you’re in charge of your business, you also don’t have to try to be in 357 places at once.

Although I know you already know, don’t forget that you’re just a person and overloading yourself with work won’t make you more productive, on the contrary you’ll only go putting out fires in your restaurant.

I’m sure in the kitchen and living room you have someone responsible and motivated who works in the right way.

Task delegation means letting your staff do part of your work with minimal oversight.

And here we return to the point of training and the training process.

If you have your trained staff, they will respond. On the contrary, if you don’t give them guidelines or working methodologies, no matter how much you delegate, you’ll keep putting out fires.

To start having more time to spend growing your business and attracting more customers, give your staff small new tasks. If they respond well, you’re not going to do it anymore.

In addition, your staff will continue to grow professionally, autonomously and independently, being able to manage the restaurant without you being on top.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

4. Restaurant management error: : Poor communication.

Restaurant management is about human interaction, so make sure you and your staff are communicating strategically.

On the one hand, open a space to communicate properly better with your team, avoid giving instructions walked in the hallways, while talking on the phone or when you’re with a provider, because in all these situations the indication will most likely not be clear or forget.

When you want to communicate with your team and for this communication to be effective look for a place without noise and distractions and decide how long you will need to be with them.

And of course make sure that the communication that is made with your customers is actually being made.

Ask your room staff:

✅ that a warm and warm welcome to every person who walks through the door of your business.

✅ Before taking note you would have to ask if there is any special request, whether there is a celebration, dietary restrictions, etc. To keep an eye on every detail. This initial information will determine if the customer leaves happy, satisfied or frustrated of your restaurant.

✅ To come to the table at least once during the service, to ask if everything is ok.

✅ Thank you for visiting each table.

✅ he’s getting fire with a little time soon.

Depending on the concept of your restaurant there may be more or less interactions, then to improve communication with your customer you have to map each of them to generate small conversations with your client to improve their experience and sales.

5. Error in restaurant management: : Managers are not present enough in the operation of the restaurant.

This is a more common mistake than I’d like to say.

Most of the time, a manager decides that he does not need to be present in the room. Because that’s what the service personnel are for.

However, having a manager spinning (productive) around the room is key not only to show your guests that you care personally about them, but also to make sure your staff feels they have to perform the tasks assigned to them and take responsibility for them, because you’re supervising them.

In addition your staff needs a role model, if you are involved in customer service and in the direction of the restaurant this will motivate you and your productivity will skyrocket.

On the contrary, if you never see you around the restaurant you will find it difficult to do your job and in some way you will be disconnected from your responsibilities.

I hope I’ve helped you go over every one of these mistakes and that you’ve verified that you don’t make them in your restaurant.

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